Events Summer Season 2018

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments

Casino St.Moritz is organising every month several times Poker Tournaments.

For your pre-booking of your seat, please following the link which guides you to the dates of the next Casino St.Moritz Poker Events...


By the way: Check back us well the Poker Summer 2018 Poker League, which is going to start in June 2018 !


Starting as from middle of June 2018 within 18 weeks fantastic 18 prizes are awaiting the new owner...


the Mainprize is going to be dedicated on 18th of October 2018 to its new owner and includes following:

-  Jetons  value of CHF 1800.00 

-  Alpin Jackpot Package value of CHF 1800.00


Come to the Casino St.Moritz and pick your participation ticket !